The Difference You’re Looking For - Therapy

Waxing Advanced/ Intimate

At Therapy we provide a fast, focused and friendly hair removal service, covering both advanced and Intimate waxing women. 

We use unique blends of waxes that allow us to deliver a much painless and faster removal of hair. After treatments we apply non-essentials oils, creams or gels to give glowing smooth skin.

Our therapists have undergone rigorous training and have an in depth knowledge of waxing experience.

Whether you are familiar with waxing or a complete waxing newbie, we are confident that your wax experience at Therapy will be worthwhile.

Treatments Available:

Underarms                                           £10.95
Half Leg                                                 £16.95
Full Leg                                                  £24.95
Upper Lip                                              £6.75

Chin                                                       £6.95

Upper Lip & Chin                                 £12.75
Arms                                                      £15.95
Eyebrows (Waxed or Threaded)        £9.25
Bikini Line                                             £12.95
G-String                                                 £13.95
Brazilian                                                £24.95
Hollywood                                            £27.95

We do not offer intimate hair removal for men.

Please feel free to give us a call on the number below to book your treatments.